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2024 - 2026
QASEL President

Andrew Thompson

Andrew Thompson

Dear Colleagues,

As a long term member of QASEL I am seeking your support in being elected as President.

I see the role of President as a privilege and honour as it is a position to represent and advocate for educators working with students with disability.

I recognise that our membership is broad, having members from classroom teachers through to school leaders across Early Childhood Development Centres, Primary, Secondary and Special School settings. It is imperative that all members are supported and have representation at both a department and government level. The role of the President is critical in ensuring this occurs.

As President, I will continue to consult with members in relation to departmental policy and in establishing position papers. I will also seek the expertise of knowledgeable members to represent QASEL on various bodies where  possible, to recognise and acknowledge that QASEL has a wealth of expert practitioners right across Queensland.

As President I will endeavour to build on the current scope of professional development programs offered, so that members at all levels have access to quality professional development opportunities commensurate to their position or aspiring positions.

As a member of QASEL since 2007, I have had the privilege of working alongside a number or previous Presidents, Vice Presidents, Management Committee and State Council representatives. Whilst all of these people had unique qualities in how they performed their role, their unwavering commitment to QASEL was unquestionable. I pledge to build on the work of all those people and ensure that QASEL continues to be the peak body for consultation in respect to students with disability and those people working with them.

Thank you for your support,

Andrew Thompson

Professional History

  • August 2015 – present; Principal Redland District Special School

  • January 2011 – July 2015; Principal Ipswich West Special School

  • June 2015; Acting Principal Kuraby Special School

  • September 2012; Acting Principal Goodna Special School

  • August 2009 – December 2010; Deputy Principal Ipswich Special School

  • January 2008 – July 2009; Acting Deputy Principal Pine Rivers Special School

  • August 1992 – December 2006; Teacher Inala/Western Suburbs Special School

QASEL Membership

⇒  Member of QASEL - January 2007 to present

⇒  Vice President - January 2015 to December 2020

⇒  Interim Vice President - July 2023 to present

⇒  Member of Management Committee - 2008 to present

QASEL Awards

⇒  QASEL Life Member

⇒  QASEL Service Award

QASEL Representation

⇒  QASEL Conference Convenor 2016 to present

⇒  QASEL Rep on ASEPA National Council 2019 to present

⇒  NDIS Focus Group

⇒  Leadership and Capability Reference Group

⇒  MIIS Steering Committee

⇒  ASDAN Reference Group

Membership of Professional Bodies

⇒  Queensland Association of State School Principals (QASSP)

⇒  Queensland Teachers Union (QTU)

⇒  Australian Education Union (AEU) National Principal’s Committee

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