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Joining QASEL

Membership of QASEL provides you with the opportunity to help influence and shape policy and practice that directly impacts on your leadership, your school and your students.


QASEL represents, advocates for, and supports Principals, Deputy Principals, Heads of Special Education Services (HOSES), Heads of Curriculum and other leaders and aspirants across all sectors of education in Queensland. We are your voice at the highest levels of Government and the Department of Education. As a QASEL member you are also a member of our national association, the Australian Special Education Principals Association.


The three core values of QASEL - Leading, Linking, Learning - continue to guide our way as we work together to meet the challenges that lay ahead.



  • Continue to influence decision-making and education related government policy and agendas through regular meetings with the Minister for Education, Director General, Deputy Director General, Assistant Director Generals and Regional Directors.

  • Sharpen QASEL’s strategic direction through a review of current vision and values statements and development of a long-term strategic plan.

  • Introduce an annual implementation plan with outcomes, targets, resources and budget - aligned to our strategic agenda.

  • Maintain and grow strong strategic connections with key external stakeholders and senior officers of the department.

  • Collaboratively develop and review position papers in priority areas such as resource provisions, inclusive education, ECDPs, facilities, human resources etc.

  • Actively engage in stakeholder meetings and departmental consultation processes – being your voice at the table.



  • Increase member contact through a range of measures including: school visits, face-to-face and Teams/Skype group chats.

  • Introduce new processes to encourage and welcome new members.

  • Develop and implement a communication plan that maps out the strategic use of all communication methods including email, newsletter, website, social media and aligns to our strategic objectives.

  • Utilise contemporary communication practices that allow QASEL members to link with each other and collaborate intentionally and effectively.

  • Enhance governance structures and processes by providing greater opportunities for more members to be actively engaged in decision-making.

  • Provide professional learning opportunities for members including member mentoring programs, professional learning sessions and the annual QASELcon event.



  • Initiate a President’s work-shadowing program to connect with members at the coalface (in particular HOSES).

  • Broker panel training for QASEL members at all levels, to improve selection and recruitment processes within the sector.

  • Create a professional development and collegial engagement strategy, to ensure the provision of high quality, needs-based learning to our members.

  • Provide opportunities for members to share quality professional learnings, targeted to the needs of members – use the group to grow the group.

  • Build strong relationships with members, walking beside them in their work to provide genuine support.


Take advantage of this one-time opportunity. We look forward to supporting you in your leadership journey and working with you to ensure that together we develop and sustain high quality innovative leaders in special education and advocate for the best possible teaching and learning conditions for our students. They deserve nothing less. 


For more information please email our business manager – 

To Join QASEL, Download the Membership Application Form & Payroll Deduction Form

Joining is easy! Just follow these three steps:

1. Fill in the membership application and payroll deduction forms

2. Send your payroll deduction form to your relevant payroll department using the table

3. Send a copy of both forms to

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