Our Vision

Our vision is to develop and sustain quality and innovative leaders in disability and inclusive education in Queensland.

We as QASEL members value:

  • professional learning for all members

  • leadership roles our members perform and their ability to influence the state and national education agenda

  • guidance and support we give one another in our roles as leaders

  • advocacy that we provide for one another as members; for students with disability and for their families

  • having a forum to discuss matters of professional interest and/or impact to membern

  • cooperation and collaboration with other professional educational and leadership organisations

QASEL will achieve this by:

  • Leading disability and inclusive education into the future

  • Linking people within and across systems

  • Learning for excellence

LEADING disability and inclusive education into the future

In order to LEAD disability education into the future, it is essential to develop the performance capability for our leaders, we will:

  • provide quality professional development for all special education leaders

  • broker partnerships in the provision of quality coaching and mentoring opportunities for all special education leaders

  • consult and develop position statements that are based on research and reflect members’ beliefs

  • advocate for quality teaching and learning conditions for all special education leaders


LINKING people within and across systems

We will LINK our members together to share strengths and interests and to provide support.

In order to do this we will engage in quality and effective communication, consultation and collaboration to build relationships with a range of stakeholders and advocacy at:

  • local levels through regular school and workplace meetings

  • regional levels through the recognition of QASEL Management and State Councillors as the first point of contact on local special education issues

  • state and national levels


LEARNING for excellence

In order to provide the best possible LEARNING experiences for our members we will learn from each other and through:

  • provision of professional learning skill development and relevant training through workshops, seminars and conferences

  • forums to discuss and debate matters of professional interest and/or impact to members

  • active research development

  • For all students, we will continue to advocate for:

  • an exemplary and relevant curriculum in every learning environment

  • universally designed, purpose built and thoroughly maintained facilities that meet the needs of all students

  • a flexible needs-based allocative resource model that is tailored to all disability education settings

Our 2011 Constitution can be downloaded below

© 2020 Queensland Association of Special Education Leaders

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