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2024 - 2026
Far North QLD Regional Councillors

Samantha Ilic

I  am writing to apply for the position of QASEL Regional Councillor for  the Far North Region for 2024. I have been a member of QASEL since 2018  and have worked in the role of Head of Special Education Services in the  Far North Region since 2016. Prior to working in HOSES positions, I  held a number of regional positions including Autism Coach, Advisory  Teacher for Autism and Advisory Teacher for Physical Impairment and AAC.  I am passionate about my work in the field of special education and  inclusive education is something I feel strongly about. As a special  education leader in the Far North Region, I have been a strong advocate  for all students with additional needs and mentored the next generation  of special education leaders.

As a member of the Far North region Special Education  Leaders Network organising committee and QASEL Regional Councillor in  2023 , I have the opportunity to network and connect with regional  special education leaders and regional staff to enhance and support the  QASEL values of Leading, Linking and Learning.

Over the past 12 months, I have enjoyed working with  fellow Far North Regional Councillors Alicia Smith and Michelle  Ericksson and together we have worked to build collegial networks and  support special education leaders in our region. I would welcome the  opportunity to work with Alicia and Michelle again in 2024 to further  what we have started. It is important that members voices are heard from  regional areas such as ours in the Far North and that the regional and  remote voice is as recognised as those from metro areas so that the best  possible learning outcomes are achieved for students with a disability  and their support staff.

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