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Steve Roberts

Principal - Logan City Special School

I am a long-standing member of QASEL and experienced special education leader with over 20 years’ experience supporting students with disabilities as a teacher, HOC, DP and Principal.  I am passionate about connecting people to build capability.  As Principal of Logan City Special School we have created connections with surrounding primary and secondary schools to build the capability and confidence of their staff to support students with disabilities.  As Principal of Kuraby Special School we shared the skill and expertise of our staff in supporting staff in primary and secondary schools.  This was achieved through case management and targeted professional development opportunities.  Supporting students with disabilities in all settings is a role for all of us in the system- regardless of our setting.   

In terms of contributions to QASEL I have been a member of the management committee for the last 2 years and this year enjoyed an opportunity to work-shadow Ric Day in his role as QASEL President for a week in Term 2.  I have presented at QASELCON in 2021 and 2022.  In 2021 I presented the work I led at Kuraby Special School with Caroline de Hennin and in 2022 I presented a project capturing the reflections, advice and legacy statements of our most experienced educational leaders.  It is important to me that the experience and knowledge of those leaving our system is captured and shared with the next generation of leaders.   

As Vice President of QASEL, I will build on the capability building work that is already happening to ensure the extensive knowledge, skills and experience of QASEL members is shared to build the capability of all.  I am also looking forward to leading sessions targeting our aspirant leaders, with workshops focusing on application writing and tips for interviews. 

I am excited to continue to build on the great work that QASEL has been doing to support members, schools and students across our state. 

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