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2024 - 2026
North Coast Regional Councillor

Lynne Madle

I am committed to continue cultivating an awareness of inclusive  practices across all schools and improving quality of practice within  teaching staff to develop knowledge and a deeper understanding of what  our schools expect in relation to specialised support. I make the  collegial link in our Bundaberg region with a Special Education Leaders  Meeting each term, to collaborate and stay connected and share current  practices. To build networks and capability I am committed to ensuring  the continuation of our mentoring of pre-service teachers from our local  university to come in and spend a day a week in our inclusion program.  Through developing a professional experience mentoring placement, we  will build opportunity in our profession by immersing pre-service  students through experiencing classroom environments, assisting and  observing while being mentored with experienced teachers in our school.  This program provides positive nurturing and supports the confidence in  our profession, developing a stronger partnership within our community  to attract future committed staff to schools. It is also in my interest  to create a seamless and consistent approach for all students learning  from junior to senior pathways and continuation of collaborating and  sharing professional learning with networks within QASEL.

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