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2024 - 2026
North Coast Regional Councillor

Angela Rimmington

I am deeply honoured to present my candidacy for the Queensland Association for Special Education Leaders (QASEL) Secretary or Regional Council. As a school leader with experiences across a variety of schooling sectors including Special Schools as a Deputy Principal and Head of Department: Curriculum; and State Schools and State High Schools as HoSES and Deputy Principal of Inclusion, I have a profound commitment to fostering equity, positive change for students with disabilities, purposeful collaboration, and continuous learning, and therefore I believe I am well-equipped to contribute to the vital mission of QASEL.

Advocating for equity and driving positive change for students with disabilities is not just a responsibility but a moral imperative that needs to be heard at all levels within the department. I firmly believe that inclusive practices must be embedded in the foundation of every educational institution. My experience as a school leader has taught me the importance of championing and modelling inclusive approaches to education, where students with disabilities are not merely accommodated but fully included into the educational community across a variety of schooling sectors.

I would work to establish and maintain existing professional learning communities within QASEL for members, where leaders can come together to learn, reflect, and share experiences. These communities would serve as platforms for building individual and collective capability. This ensures aspiring leaders have the opportunity to learn to be great leaders in the future and continue to lead and advocate for students with disabilities.

I believe that by advocating for equity, fostering purposeful collaboration, and facilitating continuous learning, we can create a more inclusive and supportive educational environment for students with disabilities. I am excited about the possibility of serving QASEL and contributing to the betterment of educational practices for students with disabilities across Queensland.

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