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Tony Egan

Deputy Principal - Runcorn High School

I was a Head of Special Education Services from 2001 – 20017 and in that time I managed to also do some work in Central and Regional Office relating to Deaf and Hard of Hearing students and supporting the introduction of Auslan into schools. I then moved on to some Acting Deputy Principal positions, one of them at a special school for a year and also completed a secondment in Aurukun State School when they were undergoing some big changes including revamping their student support systems.

I am now a permanent Deputy Principal at Runcorn High School. The school has a large population of special education students and still includes many Deaf and Hard of Hearing students, which keeps me in touch with my original specialisation in special education. I am enjoying being a mainstream Deputy and always have plenty of opportunities to influence the special education sector of my school as a DP.

My continuing nomination as a regional councillor helps me to keep in touch with other colleagues in the special education sector and allows me to keep giving back to a sector which I care about.

Tony Egan
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