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Samantha Ilic

Head of Special Education Services - Trinity Beach State School

I am writing to apply for the position of QASEL Regional Councillor for the Far North Region. I have been a member of QASEL since 2018 and have worked in the role of Head of Special Education Services in the Far North Region since 2016. Prior to working as HOSES I held a number of regional positions including Autism Coach and Advisory Teacher for Autism and Advisory Teacher for Physical Impairment and AAC. Inclusion and special education is my passion and my work as a special education leader has enabled me to advocate for inclusive education and influence with authority in the Far North region.

As a member of the Far North region HOSES network organising committee and prospective Regional Councillor, I will be able to connect with regional special education leaders and regional staff to enhance and support the QASEL values of Leading, Linking and Learning and collaborate with other QASEL leaders, promote the work of QASEL and welcome prospective and new members.

I look forward to sharing knowledge and information with members of the association and leading and coordinating regional professional learning activities. Being in a regional area, it is important that members voices are heard and that the regional and remote voice is as recognised as those from metro areas so that the best possible learning outcomes are able to be achieved for students with a disability and their support staff.

Samantha Ilic
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