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Karen Collishaw

Head of Special Education Services at Edens Landing SS - Special Education Program

I have been an active member of QASEL since joining in 2009. As a QASEL State Councillor, first for Metro region and then for South-East region, I enjoyed the opportunity to link with other members which enabled mutual growth and development as leaders. Graduating as a teacher in primary and special education I have taught in primary, secondary and special schools. I have been a HOSES in three primary schools and one high school which has developed my professional understanding of the support students require at all stages of their schooling.

As QASEL Vice-President HOSES/DP Inclusion I have connected via email and TEAMS meetings with other school leaders who support students with disability across both primary and secondary schools. I have advocated for positive change in the role and responsibilities of HOSES to align with the EQ Inclusive Education Policy – Every Student with Disability Succeeding. The outcome was the development of a QASEL Position Brief on the Roles and Responsibilities of HOSES which has now opened up into further discussion with representatives of HOSES across different school levels.

Collaborating with and supporting each other is key to our well-being and ability to lead others to provide point in time support for all students. This connects with our new resourcing model which supports all students with disability to lead a life of choice not chance. In my position as Vice-President HOSE/DP Inclusion I have established a QASEL HOSES sub-committee, which includes all members who connect and wish to be included. The sub-committee meets each term to provide professional support, wellbeing and shared problem solving. Next step is to be able to utilise a HOSES online forum where best practice can be shared and connection with knowledgeable others can occur.

Karen Collishaw
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