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2024 - 2026
South East Regional Councillor

Tracy Hall

I work at Park Ridge State High School on the Traditional Lands of the Gugugan people of the Yugambeh speaking nation. As HOSES in a mainstream high school with a low socio-economic demographic I strive to facilitate an inclusive educational environment which tailors support to enable ALL STUDENTS to engage proactively in the school community. It is imperative in this age of changing education to be adaptable and create an environment and curriculum that is flexible, yet tailored and engaging, to suit the individual needs of all students. MY AIM is to provide a strong foundation which will allow students to develop into independent productive members of our wider community. I have been at Park Ridge SHS for 22 years, working in the area of Special Education through the job positions of teacher aide, AAEP Special Education, Teacher, Response to Intervention Coach and HOSES. I am passionate about creating a positive supportive environment that optimises individual student outcomes and supports the health and wellbeing of staff. I love increasing my knowledge base, am a passionate advocate for equity and an active member of the school and broader community. My connections in the local community have spanned 30 years and I would enjoy being a part of the promotion and strengthening of the QASEL network.

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