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2024 - 2026
South East Regional Councillor

Angela Armstrong

I  have served the members of South East Region as a Regional Councillor  for the past four years. This has afforded me a wonderful opportunity to  connect with members across varied settings and contribute to the  fantastic work that QASEL does to advocate for students and special  educators across Queensland. I am an experienced school LEADER having  served as a small school Principal, a primary school HOSES and currently  as Deputy Principal. I have supported individuals and teams to  transform practice and realise an equitable and inclusive vision that  holds students at the heart of every thought, word and action. I  appreciate the challenge of continuous LEARNING and consistently strive  to adapt and improve in line with contemporary research. An extrovert by  nature, it is the LINKING with others to increase educator wellbeing  and work satisfaction that invigorates me! I courageously challenging  the status quo and look for opportunities to provide feedback and engage  in tasks that improve conditions for students, teachers and leaders  across the education system.

My contributions to QASEL include:

  • Member of HOSES sub-committee

  • SER Regional Councillor

  • Establishing mentor/mentee partnerships between members

  • Feedback on policy and procedure reviews

  • Contribute to the development of QASEL position briefs

  • Participate in reference groups to address workforce planning

  • Service award recipient

I would like to continue my contribution to QASEL a Regional Councillor for SE for 2024.

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