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Certificate on Change of Name

Memorandum of Understanding

President's Interchange Agreement 2021

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QASEL Position Brief- HOSES Roles and Responsibilities

QASEL Position Brief- Impact of TA Maximisation

QASELs Response to ACARA - 30th June 2021

QASEL Position Brief- SWD Resourcing

QASEL Position Brief- Occupational Violence

Brief - 15th June 2021

QASEL Position Brief- Infrastructure in Special Education

QASEL Position Brief- Workforce Capability, Special Education Teachers

QASEL Response to DESE Discussion - July 2021

Constitution Review 2021

State Council Response to Constitution Review 10.09.21

Consultant Review of Constitution 04.09.21

Solicitor Review and Notes 11.08.21

Solicitor Review and Changes 10.08.21

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State Council Term 1 2022 - Minutes and Reports

AGM 2021 Minutes and Reports

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Minutes and Reports

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2022 Newsletters

1 March 2022

15 February 2022

1 February 2022

2021 - What a Year for QASEL

2021 has been an extraordinary year for the Queensland Association of Special Education Leaders. Despite the constant challenges of COVID-19 we have had a lot to celebrate as an organisation.

Some of our highlights have included:

  • Doubling our membership in a single calendar year.

  • Developing our four-year strategic plan.

  • Publishing six position papers in addition to formal responses to ACARA (Australian Curriculum) and the DESE (Initial Teacher Education Paper).

  • Endorsing of our new constitution.

  • Delivering the biggest and most successful QASELcon to date.

  • Hosting our first regional professional development events.

  • Holding the inaugural QASELcon Townsville in November.

  • Establishing the Roselynne Anderson Memorial Endowment Fund.

  • Reviewing and providing feedback on almost 50 different policy, procedures and key documents.

  • Presenting a Friend of QASEL award to Deb Dunstone.

  • Recognising two new life members, Andrew Thompson and Tracey Chappell.

  • Thanking two more members, Ray Hack and Wendy Burton with a QASEL service award.

A big thanks to the QASEL executive and management team and our regional councillors for making all of this happen. We look forward to continuing to build on these successes in 2022. We wish all our members, friends and stakeholders the very best over the Christmas and New Year period and look forward to connecting with you all again.

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