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Michelle Eriksson

Head of Special Education Services-
Mareeba SHS - Special Education Program

I wish to apply for the position of regional councillor in order to represent Far North

QLD in relation to promoting the needs and requirements of this region in regards to special


Coming from an Early Childhood and Primary background I moved into Special Education fulltime in 2003 and haven’t looked back. I have taken on many roles since then including Advisory Teacher for Physical Impairment and Alternative Augmentative Communication, Learning Support co‐ordinator, Acting HOSES, Technology advisor, student with disabilities teacher and have been in my current role as HOSES since 2013.

Being a cluster HOSES with six primary schools and based in a high school, leading a faculty of sixteen staff and catering for upwards of 150 students with diverse learning needs, I feel that I am in a position to reflect on policies, procedures and practices which reflect across all subject areas from prep ‐ year 12, whilst considering unique learning styles and disabilities. Being also constantly engaged with parents I am also in a position to bring any of their concerns/thoughts forward which is integral to ensuring that all needs are being met. Being based in Far North Qld gives a different perspective as often we are removed from service provision, meaning that we as a school are required to be upskilled in all practices which our students and parents may require to be successful in both school and life after school.

Having been a member of QASEL for the past ten years, I am very proud to be a member and actively promote membership and engagement to other employees in the special education sector. I have spoken to previous regional councillors and passed on information to be presented at past meetings. In this region in particular, I have been very active in promoting equity for all students both at school and post school whilst aligning to departmental policies and procedures. I have also been involved in policy developmental at a regional level for Queensland Certificate of Individual Achievement, assessment modification and moderation and the development of NCCD processes including

developing systemic processes to impute a disability under the NCCD. This project was backed by QELI and engaged more than 100 staff members in our region. More recently I have been involved with the backing of QASEL, to promote Restorative Practices as a method to improving school disciplinary absences in schools.

I appreciate you taking the time to read my application and look forward to working with you in 2023.

Michelle Eriksson
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