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Eliza Watt

Head of Special Education Services - Holland Park State School + Seville Road State School

My name is Eliza Watt and I am the Head of Special Education/Head of Inclusion across Holland Park State School and Seville Road State School in Brisbane. Prior to being awarded this position permanently in mid-2021, my background has been teaching and leading in Special Schools both in Brisbane and Toowoomba.

I joined QASEL in 2020 after attending the QASEL Conference since 2018. I am a current member of the HOSES Sub-Committee and am eager to be an active contributor in the current pieces of work. I am passionate about applying the values of ‘Leading, Linking and Learning’. This is evident through my regular collaboration with special education leaders in both primary and special school settings, particularly when supporting transitions in to Prep and onto high schools. I strive to build purposeful connections that extend beyond the day-to-day interactions, and advocate for the voices of all to be heard in a way that is intentionally inclusive. I have directly benefited from targeted mentoring and professional learning from leaders, and am committed to the belief of ‘using the group to grow the group’.

With the majority of QASEL membership coming from mainstream schools and with a high portion of aspirants, I believe it is important that this is reflected in the make-up of the committee – a unique perspective I bring. I aim to be a representative for HOSES new to the position, and advocate on their behalf for current issues involving QASEL including the HOSES role review, mentoring and coaching, as well as support the roll out of new initiatives such as the RAR Funding Model.

Thank you for your consideration.

Eliza Watt
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