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Ches Hargreaves

Principal at Aspley Special School

Knows the history of ASEAQ/QASEL and ASEPA

  • Longest serving member of QASEL – Joined ASEAQ in 1991 = 31 years

  • Served as President NQ branch, President of Met West Branch, Management Committee or Executive member since 1993= 29 years, State Secretary, State Vice President and State President.

  • Life member.

  • Past representative to ASEPA 2008-2012

  • Vice President ASEPA 2010 -2012.

  • Filled the roles of Senior Teacher in Charge, Teacher in Charge, Deputy Principal and Principal.

  • Lead Principal of TECESE, inception to close.

Works for members

  • 97% attendance at meetings over 29 years.

  • 100% attendance at Management and State Councillor meetings in 2022.

  • Provided feedback/input on all 21 positions briefs or departmental consultation papers developed in 2022.

  • Member of Conference Planning Committee since 2008 = 14 years.

Mentors and Coaches

  • Mentored and coached multiple members over 31 years with more than 14 members going on to fill leadership positions in schools.

  • Provided ongoing welfare checks and R U OK monitoring with selected members.

  • Promoted networking on a local, state and national level.

Will work for and represent you

Ches Hargreaves
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