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Alicia Smith

Deputy Principal Inclusion- Woree State High School

As an educator of 20+ years with Education Queensland, and the majority of that time spent as a Special Educator, I have extensive experience in the fields of student support and inclusion.

I have held positions of HOD Learning Support, HOSES, and DP Inclusion over the past 6 years at Woree State High School. Previous to this I was a cluster leader in the SEP at Gordonvale State School. This breadth of experience gives me a unique perspective in both the Primary and High School contexts. I can understand and challenges, priorities, and departmental goals and policy implementations from early childhood through to QCE/QCIA in Senior Schooling.

The past 6 years I have been driven to complete my Grad Cert (Special Needs) and M.Ed (Inclusive Education), of which I have 2 subjects to completion. I have implemented the Inclusive Practise journey at WSHS and we now drive all practise at the school through the Inclusion ‘lens’ with a focus on UDL, PBL, and Moderation cycle that is focussed on the learner and student’s needs.

I recently presented a workshop at QASELCON22 on “Inclusion: The cultural change of perceptions, practise and pedagogy”. I am an active member of the FNQ HOSES/DP network and am willing to workshop, present, facilitate and organise on behalf of QASEL in this region (and across the state if need arises). I regularly network, guide and support regional HOSES and DP’s across the FNQ region. I am a regional NCCD leader. I am also a member of QASEL, QTU and QSSPA.

At this stage of my career, I am wanting to become more involved in QASEL and have a more global impact on supporting students with diverse needs across the state using the most recent research and methodologies.

Your consideration for the positions of regional Councillor or VP are appreciated.

Alicia Smith
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